2 Across

January 15 - February 9, 2020

Comedy by Jerry MayerDirected by Renee Statham

Please Note: Due to difficulties in finding actors to fill the roles required for “Bus Stop” the play “2 Across,” written by Jerry Mayer, has replaced “Bus Stop.” Our apologies for the change but we are sure you will enjoy the new play.  Your tickets purchased for “Bus Stop” are now valid for “2 Across.”

About “2 Across” – A Comedy of Crosswords & Romance – by Jerry Mayer

Two strangers, a man and a woman, board a San Francisco BART train at 4:30 a.m. They’re alone in the car, each is married, both are doing the New York Times crossword. She’s an organized, sensible psychologist. He’s a free-spirited, unemployed ad exec. She is a crossword pro, he always quits. When he tosses his puzzle away, she snaps, “Crosswords are a metaphor for life, those who finish, succeed, those who don’t, fail.” Now he vows to finish. Why? He’s a competitor and she happens to be lovely. This starts an eighty-minute ride described by critics as “Hilarious,” “Witty,” “Romantic,” “Poignant,” and “Wonderfully entertaining.” Two opposites in an enclosed space, attacking each other’s values but also being swayed and intrigued by them. They each have serious life problems that the other helps solve. Their trip is filled with unpredictable, but believable, surprises, even a passionate kissing embrace or two. As the train ride ends, it’s obvious each of them has been changed for the better.


The actors, along with the Director and Stage Manger, pose for a picture. In the front row (left to right) are Jim Manns (Josh) and Linda Barsamian (Janet). In the back row (left to right) are Dottie Warner (Stage Manger) and Renee Statham (Director).

The cast and crew for the production of “2 Across” are as follows:

Linda Barsamian (Janet)
Jim Manns (Josh)

Renee Statham

Stage Manager
Dottie Warner

Artistic/Production Manager
Jeff Dillon

Tech Crew
Kathy McSteen, Melissa Mutkoski, and Laurie Rutkowske

Dottie Warner

Set Decor and Assistant Scenic Painter
Ginny McIver

Donna Walters (Chair) and Kathy Hudson

Crystal Coluzzi

Set Design/Construction/Scenic Painter
Jeff Dillon

Ticket Pricing For Award Winning Entertainment

Reserved seat tickets are $23. Student tickets are available at $14 each.
Discount available for groups of 20 or more, call 941-474-9610.
Tickets are nonrefundable. You may exchange your tickets for another performance of the same production for a $2.00 exchange fee per ticket. Exchanges must be made 48 hours prior to the performance time on the tickets.

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