LBP Board Member Requirements – Roles and Responsibilities

1.*       Attend all quarterly board meetings and special meetings.

2.*       Participate on at least one board committee or task force.

3.*       Participate in the review of the LBP’s mission, strategic plan, and annual performance, and help develop next year’s plans.

4.*       Make a personal gift.

5.*       Help solicit other contributions and assist with fundraising events.

6.         Attend several of our volunteer/donor appreciation events.

7.         Make at least one curtain speech per production.

8.         Be available to speak at a community organization about LBP.

( *1-5 are required; 6-8 are optional but recommended)

As a member of this board, I commit to:

  • Hold Lemon Bay Playhouse to a high standard of performance and actively participate in making this a world class organization.
  • Work hard to understand my roles and responsibilities and to be sufficiently knowledgeable about Lemon Bay Playhouse and its operation to make informed decisions.
  • Read the materials sent to the board and come prepared to board and committee meetings.
  • Arrive at meetings on time and stay for the full agenda unless I have otherwise notified the board or committee chair.
  • Ask for clarification on any matters or material that I do not understand before making a decision.
  • Actively participate in identifying and exploring a variety of opinions and options before voting on an important board matter.
  • Listen carefully to other board members and staff with an open mind and an objective perspective and try never to dominate the discussion.
  • Put aside my personal agendas and pledge to actively work only toward those decisions and solutions that are in Lemon Bay Playhouse’s best interests.
  • Honor the principle of no surprises, and expect that my fellow board members will do likewise

I agree to be informed and to observe all board policies and especially:

  • Avoidance of conflict of interest.
  • Equal opportunity and avoidance of discrimination.