Readers TheaterWhat is Readers Theatre?

In this setting, actors do not memorize lines but read from scripts. It is a good way for new actors to try their hand at public performance and to gain familiarity with other skills such as script analysis, character development, and other acting tools. It is a delightful way to enjoy hearing new plays with fellow theatre fans!

How to Participate?

Lemon Bay Playhouse Readers Theatre is currently on hold!! We hope to be starting up soon!!

When Reader’s Theatre returns, it’s open to those interested in reading or hearing plays in a group setting. Meetings will be held at the Playhouse on the first Monday of each month, from October through May, at 9:30 am to noon. No theatrical experience is necessary to participate.

Outreach Program – Bringing the Fun to You

Members are available to perform at local libraries, clubs, and other community organizations free of charge. 

Do you know an organization or club that would like to treat its membership to a look into the magical world of live theatre? Readers Theatre’s Outreach Program offers short, simply staged performances for either 10 or 20 minutes, creating a unique experience for your group. There is no charge, although a donation to Lemon Bay Playhouse is appreciated. This could be an exciting addition to a monthly meeting, a special luncheon, a membership drive, or a promotional function!

Reader’s Theatre Annual Festival

Readers Theatre’s ticketed event “Shorts Aloud: An evening of Drama and Comedy”. Six short plays are presented in Reader’s Theatre format, along with props and costumed actors. It is an annual event each Spring. Any actor or any individual who comes to our monthly gatherings is welcome to participate and get a taste of what it’s like to be on stage “under the lights” — without memorization.

For Further Information Contact the Chairperson

Email Kathy Amelia at