A Tribure to Miss Peggy Lee
A Tribure to Miss Peggy Lee

Mindy Simmons

Sat, Nov 18, 7:30pm

"Peggy Lee Tribute"

Mindy Simmons takes you on a trip down memory lane as she recreates the look and sound of an evening spent with the late, great Miss Peggy Lee. Sharing the songs and stories of Miss Lee’s career, Mindy emulates a performance style of earlier years in entertainment when the music was subtle in dynamics and the lyrics could be heard and understood.

With a Jazz combo behind her, Mindy Simmons brings the hit songs of Peggy Lee’s 45 year career to life. She shares with the audience the classy, very sultry and sometimes surprisingly funny side of Miss Lee’s personality. This is a show not to be missed. For more information about her performances visit www.mindysimmons.com.

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A Tribure to Miss Peggy Lee

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