Chuck Gillespie with a US flag
Chuck Gillespie with a US flag

Chuck Gillespie: To Veterans with Love

November 16, 2024; 7:30pm

Honoring the men and women who have defended our lives and freedom through their selfless service to the United States of America. Chuck Gillespie presents “TO OUR VETERANS WITH LOVE!” See and hear the stories and history of Veteran’s Day.

Hear the music from our hearts that will always express their courageous lives. See over 300 carefully selected images capturing our challenges and triumphs and the burdens of preserving Liberty against all who would destroy our way of life. “An evening of amazing music, fascinating insights, and inspired gratitude for our Vets!” Gulf Coast Premiere!

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Ticket sales start August 1, 2024!

Reserved seat tickets are $27.
Tickets are nonrefundable.

Chuck Gillespie with a US flag

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